Prenatal Yoga Playlist

I often get asked about the music I play in class. I have a large music collection to draw from that includes many genres. But I tend to use a rotation of loved songs that instill a sense of calm confidence or a constructive sense of relaxation. Here is one of my favourite playlists for prenatal yoga classes.

  1. Hold You in My Arms - Nashville Cast
  2. Intuitive Frequency - Patrick Bernard
  3. Om Shakti - Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band
  4. Perpetuum Mobile - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  5. The Ecstasy of Dancing - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  6. Israel Song - Carioca Chandra Edgar
  7. The Dreams (Sound System Mix) - Kalila
  8. Guru Brahma - Carioca Chandra Edgar
  9. Ho Hey (feat. Lennon and Maisy) - Nashville Cast
  10. Waterfalls (Bali Chill Mix) - East 2 East
  11. Purina Namashkar (Crown Chakra or Thousand-Petalled Lotus) - Chinmaya Dunster
  12. No Holly for Miss Quinn - Enya
  13. Takes My Breath Away - Tuck & Patti
  14. LA7 - Moby
  15. Om Eternal Stream - Patrick Bernard