More About Music...

I remember a time when I would never have played music in a yoga class. I was told by someone that the yoga teachers of yore didn't play music, that it interrupted the mind's focus, it was mere distraction, and a few other things. But I practice yoga. A lot of yoga. And I LOVE music. Those two things don't always of together, but they do for me more and more as time goes on. Does that mean I'm more distracted than I was in the past? Perhaps. Does it mean that I like my focus to be interrupted? I don't know, maybe. Does it mean I'm not a teacher of yore? Probably, although I think the teachers of yore didn't play music in class because they didn't have iPods and Bluetooth speakers (gasp) and they certainly couldn't create an amazing playlist on iTunes in under 20 minutes.

However, music can enhance a mood, create a state of relaxation, excitement or agitation (think Enya vs. Metallica). Music is created by vibrations (from the instrument) which create waves that can be heard, just like some waves can be seen. Sound is one way we interact with our environment and, if we are listening, elicit a response.

For me, music is medicine. Here is some medicine from my classes.

Playlist for Focus

  1. Home - Kina Grannis
  2. Ocean Night Song - Laura Veirs
  3. Beauty Sings - Tatiana Manaois
  4. Perfect Kiss - Marie Hines
  5. Just You - Amy Stroup
  6. Surrender - Natalie Taylor
  7. Kalimba Suite - Bobby McFerrin
  8. Paz - Dr. Toast
  9. Little Deschutes (Instrumental) - Laura Veirs
  10. Light - Dr. Toast
  11. Fire and the Flood - Vance Joy
  12. This Far - Kina Grannis
  13. First Touch - John McDowell and Sabina Sciubba
  14. 2 Poor Kids - Ruth B.
  15. Little Talks - Julia Sheer & Jon D.
  16. Endless Wonder (Iridescent Mix) - Entheo

Playlist for the Interrupted Mind

  1. Ethno Lounge (Yoga Class) - Yoga
  2. Intuitive Frequency - Patrick Bernard
  3. Journey Into the Dust (Sweet Chill Mix) - Project
  4. Drums (Lounge) - Shamanism Healing Music Academy
  5. Om Shakti - Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band
  6. Sacred Force - Susanne Coors
  7. On Sacred Ground (Fourth or Heart Chakra) - Chinmaya Dunster
  8. Waterfalls (Bali Chill Mix) - East 2 East
  9. Above the Clouds - Suzanne Teng
  10. Just You - Amy Stroup
  11. Finding Forever - Michael Brant DeMaria
  12. Om Eternal Stream - Patrick Bernard