Unique yoga classes that are flowing, steady and strong but also mellow and infused with feminine wisdom. Building strength, stamina and endurance, finding calm, you will learn how to move, find stillness and step into your power in ways that support a healthy and empowered pregnancy. Build connection with other women, un-learn cultural expectations around pregnancy, prepare for birth, care for your changing body, benefit from doula wisdom, share and build your community.

Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome. No experience required.

Thanks for providing an amazing space for practising yoga and for sharing with other moms to be. The classes have been an important part of the process for me and I’ve made some friends from them too!
— Meghan O.

Postnatal Strength & Stretch


Classes designed to support new moms in healing, rebuilding function and confidence in the body. Classes are gentle and relaxed, but also informative and practical, appropriate for all stages of postpartum and any fitness level. Filled with movement knowledge to support your healing, your body and your life.

  • re-strengthen tired and weakened muscles;

  • re-build strength, function and reflexes in the core;

  • reduce stress on the postpartum body;

  • stretch out stiff, sore muscles;

  • meet other moms in the community.

This class is informal and very baby-friendly (pre-walkers), but feel free to come with or without your baby.

*Please speak to your primary care provider before starting any movement program.

Postnatal Flow & Restore


These classes are a special treat for the postpartum phase. Designed to offer a full 30 minutes of continuous, accessible movement to give the body relief from built up tension and stress. Followed by 30 full minutes of deep restorative poses for gentle release. Support the body in healing and rebalancing with appropriate movement and rest. Appropriate for all stages of postpartum and any fitness level.

  • re-energize fatigued body and mind;

  • nourish the body with simple, yet invigorating movement;

  • remove imbalances with restorative rest;

  • meet other moms in the community.

This class is intended for moms and is a special time to focus on you. Please find loving care for your children, so you can focus on you. I understand the commitment a new Mother makes to attend classes, so we begin and finish on time, but feel free to come and leave when you need to.

*Please speak to your primary care provider before starting any movement program.



This is a series of classes designed for women who wish to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the process of creating life. We focus on women's health with a holistic perspective.

Classes are designed to support a physical practice that aids in: relaxation, increasing blood and energy flow, and balancing hormones.

And a mental practice that supports you to: calm anxiety and stress, re-pattern negative thinking, believe in the potential of your body and mind, and reach out to community.

You will also receive handouts and supportive resources with expert nutrition tips, supportive lifestyle practices and referrals to a network of holistic practitioners that may be of interest. This class is holistic in nature but is also complementary to those receiving medical fertility support.

Overall, this was an awesome class! It provided a unique experience of nutrition, information and yoga for fertility.
— Lora J.

Yoga for Women


A slow, strong and juicy Hatha-based yoga class, with both restorative and active portions, refined cues and instructions for women at any stage of life.

This class is for you if:

  • you feel your core and pelvic floor need particular attention during exercise;

  • you wish to attend general yoga classes but need support and time to learn how to best use poses for your body’s needs;

  • are interested in physical activity that is challenging, low impact and addresses women-specific issues;

  • desire feeling strong in your body - even if you never have;

  • need a little time dedicated to you and being in your own space.