Prenatal Yoga

"Thanks for providing an amazing space for practising yoga and for sharing with other moms to be. The classes have been an important part of the process for me and I've made some friends from them too!"

~ Meghan O.

"Carla's prenatal classes are amazing! They are gentle yet you're also working out, improving your flexibility, strength and endurance. I tried three different prenatal yoga classes and Carla's were my favourite!"

- Dominique S-R

"I tried many prenatal yoga classes in Ottawa and Carla's is the one I liked the best and attended regularly. She is always learning and incorporates a lot of useful teachings from excellent sources. Her classes encouraged me to move more freely in tune with my body. Her classes are supportive and create a sense of community. You can tell she really loves what she does and wants to help others."

- Samantha

Prenatal Yoga for Yoga Teachers and Birth Workers

"Very accessible! Instructor is clearly passionate about her work. Inspiring and motivating."

~ Anonymous

"Amazing teacher, very open and supportive."

~ Anonymous

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

"I've worked with Carla during a period of my life when my utmost goal was making shifts for improvement.  Working with such a gentle and empathetic coach has brought me much peace around regular daily disturbances - oftentimes brought on by myself. I know that our session space is safe and sacred.  I feel that there is no attitude or expression I could bring to the table which would cause disruption of that working environment. Carla maintains a strong sense of professionalism while being extremely caring and nurturing.  I always feel more clarity and control after a session with Carla."

~ Claire P.

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