My Practice Philosophy 

It’s the things we do every day, many times, for many years that impact our overall health the most. As a nutritionist and health coach, I use this philosophy to help clients see how their diet and lifestyle over many years may affect their health and goals. Strict food rules for a limited time can uncover the root of some health issues, but after the tough work of this type of ‘dieting’, I believe that finding a moderate approach to food is the most sustainable way to make healthy choices a habit. I support individuals in finding an approach to food they are happy with, that is realistic for their lifestyle, and that they can maintain. I see eating as a celebration of life that can be truly enjoyable and health promoting. I also love to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into my coaching as a way of observing how the mind works, with the body.

My Areas of Focus

My nutrition work focusses on optimizing fertility, and enhancing the experience of women through pregnancy and the postnatal phase. I’m also keenly interested in women’s health in our culture, herbalism, detoxification and combining food with mindfulness and yoga as therapy.

I offer a 15-minute complimentary meet and greet so you can learn more about how we could work together.


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